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Leaders in  irrigation network designs and associated works e.g. pumping stations, power station and distribution stations protection dikes, drainage and water supply, in addition to buildings, highways and infrastructure works.


Initial Evaluation

• Assessment of existing situation and evaluation of development needs.
• Making arrangement for aerial photography and mapping.
• Setting up data collection system for hydrological and meteorological data.
• Reconnaissance for soils and land classification.

Design and Tender Documents

• Supervision of site investigation, model tests and research work.
• Detailed design work.
• Preparation of tender dossiers including conditions of contract, specification, bills of quantities (or schedules of materials or equipment) and album of drawings.
• Advertising nationally or internationally for and pre-qualification of contractors and suppliers.

Technical, Economic and Financial Feasibility

• Collection and analysis of all relevant data. 
• Preparation of comprehensive inventory of all works required.
• Preparation of outline designs and cost estimates.
• Assessment of direct and indirect benefits and revenue from development.
• Comparison of alternative, recommendations for selection and phasing of project.
• Comparison of economic and financial analysis.
• Preparation of feasibility report suitable for loan application to international financing agencies.

Supervision & Construction 

• Examination and adjudication of tenders.
• Co-ordination of construction and supply programme.
• Provision of site supervisory staff for control and supervision of construction 
• Making arrangement for testing of material, inspection of machinery and equipment, etc.
• Preparation of additional designs if necessary. 
• Reporting on progress of work and expenditure.
• Certification of payments of contractors.
• Scrutiny of contractors` claims for additional payment.
• Monitoring of projects budget.
• Completion and operation of project.
• Supervision of performance test and maintenance work.
• Provision of record drawing and operation instructions.
• Certifying completion of construction and maintenance.
• Providing staff to direct or advice on operation and maintenance.



Associated Consultants & Partners (ACP) was established in Sudan in 1980 as a partnership, with objectives of using the high standards of expertise and experience available within the Sudanese engineering profession to serve the needs of clients in Sudan and other countries within the African region and the Middle East.It is the policy of the practice to encourage the development of indigenous technology and expertise and accelerate the transfer of advance technology over a wide spectrum of engineering consultancy. 

To achieve these objectives Associated Consultants and Partners (ACP) following a steady expansion in the workload introduced in 1983 two partners from Sir M. MacDonald & Partners (MMP) of Cambridge England, together with an agreement for the provision of comprehensive professional service and supporting facilities from the British practice as and when required by the Sudanese Partnership.

In 1987 the partnership of the British members ceased and cooperation with MMP and later Mott MacDonald Group continued on project to project basis.

During this period ACP was able to develop a core of permanent staff and qualified professional engineers supported by technicians, draughts men and other supporting staff. Part- time Consultants and Experts in complementary fields are engaged for the duration of specific projects.

The ACP office is equipped with all facilities required for carrying out studies, designs and supervisory assignment. Office facilities include draughting and printing equipments, survey equipments, an up-to-date comprehensive technical library and in house computers and IT systems.



Year Established


Projects Completed


Contractors Appointed


World-class Consultants



Accumulations of Vast Experience

Over the years ACP has built professional capabilities in the provision of wide range of consultancy services; particularly in the fields of irrigation, Water resources, management, highways, buildings, power transmission lines, etc; In addition to undertaking feasibility studies, designs and site supervision for a number of projects in and outside Sudan.

ACP, through its directors, had participated in a number of assignments related to development problems in Sudan and African Region.All its partners and principal engineers are highly experienced in these fields.

ACP has built-in vast experience and capability through the undertaking of feasibility studies, designs, preparation of tender documents and supervision of construction of wide range of projects.


Types of Assignments


• Feasibility, Detailed engineering study and supervision of highway projects.

• Water resources and regional development studies.

• Irrigation and Drainage.

• Ground water development.

• Dams and hydro-power.

• River control and flood protection.

• Agricultural development and agro-industries.

• Water supply and waste disposal.

• Rural development.

• Architectural and structural engineering and buildings.

• Mechanical and electrical services.

• Management, training and advisory services.

Core Design and Construction Experience

• Water conveyance channels, pipelines, tunnels and siphons.

• Dams, barrages and hydraulic structures.

• Reservoirs of all types.

• Tube wells and other ground water abstraction works.

• Pumping stations and pumping plants.

• Thermal and hydro-power stations.

• Water and sewage treatment works.

• Flood control, embankment construction and river training works.

• Roads, bridges, culverts, etc.

• Industrial and storage buildings, offices etc.

• Housing and village development with associated services.

• Mechanical and electrical services in buildings.

• Electrical transmission lines.

• Navigation canals, locks, berths and jetties.






For any inquiries, please use the contact details on the right.

Head Office

Associated Constultants & Partners Limited

Tel : +249 183 521808/521909

Fax: +249 183 521707

599, Block 22, Badr street, El Tayef, Khartoum

P.O.Box 2960 Khartoum, Sudan

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