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Associated Consultants & Partners Ltd. Consulting Engineers

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- Accumulations of Vast Experience:

Over the years ACP has built professional capabilities in the provision of wide range of consultancy services; particularly in the fields of irrigation, Water resources, management, highways, buildings, power transmission lines, etc; In addition to undertaking feasibility studies, designs and site supervision for a number of projects in and outside Sudan.

ACP, through its directors, had participated in a number of assignments related to development problems in Sudan and African Region.All its partners and principal engineers are highly experienced in these fields.

ACP has built-in vast experience and capability through the undertaking of feasibility studies, designs, preparation of tender documents and supervision of construction of wide range of projects.


- Types of Assignments

The various types of assignments in which ACP is involved are:

• Feasibility, Detailed engineering study and supervision of highway projects.

• Water resources and regional development studies.

• Irrigation and Drainage.

• Ground water development.

• Dams and hydro-power.

• River control and flood protection.

• Agricultural development and agro-industries.

• Water supply and waste disposal.

• Rural development.

• Architectural and structural engineering and buildings.

• Mechanical and electrical services.

• Management, training and advisory services.

Works for which ACP is experienced in design and construction include the following:

Water conveyance channels, pipelines, tunnels and siphons.

• Dams, barrages and hydraulic structures.

• Reservoirs of all types.

• Tube wells and other ground water abstraction works.

• Pumping stations and pumping plants.

• Thermal and hydro-power stations.

• Water and sewage treatment works.

• Flood control, embankment construction and river training works.

• Roads, bridges, culverts, etc.

• Industrial and storage buildings, offices etc.

• Housing and village development with associated services.

• Mechanical and electrical services in buildings.

• Electrical transmission lines.

• Navigation canals, locks, berths and jetties.